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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  December 7, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. it is one of the hottest toys this holiday season. there may be hidden danger in the zhu zhu pet hamster. 7 is on your side with the latest safety concern. good afternoon. the question is over a chemical. linsey davis explains why a consumer group is giving this toward a low rating. >> they are the must-have toward this policies and, they are lifelike hamsters called zhu
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zhu. >> as much as ey might want to, i have to stand on the side of safety. >> one of these hamster's is on sale. they say the character known as mr. squiggles contains a high amount of antimony. quest is a potential health hazard. it cannot lead to cancer and other human health hazards. >> antimony is often found in toys, but the government limited to 60 parts per million. they found up to 103 parts per million in mr. squiggles. >> it is horrible. >> a toxicologist we spoke to said those levels are far too low to cause any short or long- term health problems. the maker of the toys uses a different test that shows how much antimony would come off the
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toy. that test is the industry standard. >> we recommend you call the company or return the product if you feel it is not safe enough for your child. >> the maker of zhu zhu says that their products are in compliance with all government and industry safety standards. they do not contain high levels of antimony in any way. intense flames gutted a prince george's county home that sent eight firefighters to the hospital. firefighters spent all night putting off the fire at this home in partridge place in college park. kathy park has the latest. >> that house -- nothing left. >> this home and now sits empty after fire broke out on the
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first floor sunday evening. a family of five managed to escape unharmed at the sound of a smoke alarm. >> they're just happy they got the kids and the dog out. >> eight firefighters were injured as they try to put out the blaze. >> the flames were pretty bad. one side was on fire and then the next side was on fire. >> battling the bulk of the fire took about an hour. the fire fighters encountered some problems with the water supply, leaving them tried for about five minutes. >> we do not know if there was a low water pressure from a hydrant or whether it was a mechanical problem with our apparatus. >> at least 70 firefighters were on the scene. the eight injured were taken to the hospital.
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neighbors are in shock. >> i could not believe it. i was picking up my newspaper. i looked across the street. it was going up in flames. >> the fire is still being ruled an accident. the total damage is estimated to be about $700,000. police made a quick arrest in a violent attack on a pregnant woman. detectives say veronica deramous of suitland stabbed the victim who is 7 to nine months pregnant. this was at the silver hill apartments. the victim had an emergency see section -- c-section. both mother and baby are said to be found. the woman was charged with attempted murder. a christmas controversy is continuing. courthouse staffers want to reconsider the vote that
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overturned a ban on holiday displays so they can make a decision by december 11, the first day of hanukkah. a special meeting will be held on thursday. crews are working to fix a water main break in northwest d.c. today. this is under 22nd street. crews are making repairs. no word on how many customers are affected or how long it will take to get service restored. we're getting a brief break for more wintry weather. we cannot expect this to last all week. here is steve rudin to explain in our first forecast. it sounds like late tomorrow and tomorrow night it will be tricky. >> it is a tricky forecasts. we have scattered snow showers across western maryland. you can see exactly where the snow showers are located.
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a weak cold front off to the west. a more impressive storm system is developing a way out to the west, we are talking colorado and arizona. current temperatures are well below average, 37 gaithersburg. 38 in fairfax. our high temperature will be around 40 to 45 degrees. we will talk about the approaching storm and the impact of some freezing rain or iced in our western viewing area. >> thank you. ceremonies are being held across the country to mark the 68th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. a wreath was laid at the world war iris allen iris alle memorial -- at the world war ii memorial. it washington state man found a piece of history from the infamous attack. his father saved this pulley the
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mast and used it to raise the flag on a coast guard cutter. it was donated to the maritime museum. the issue of abortion joins the fight over the senate health care overhaul. will be restricted and will be covered by insurance? t.j. winnick is watching the debate. >> democrats compared republican opposition to the bill to arguments made against other landmark issues such as civil rights. >> slow down, start over. history is repeating itself. >> the senate is considering an amendment which would ban the use of federal money for abortions in most circumstances. claire mccaskill said she cannot support the provision. >> i think it goes too far. >> president obama made a rare
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weekend visit to capitol hill yesterday. >> there was talk about producing a bill and doing it on a bipartisan basis. instead, as you followed this over the weeks and months, it has drifted off into a partisan effort. >> two major hurdles -- the abortion funding issue and how the public option can compete with insurance. some say they cannot support the bill without the public option. >> we have to have some competition for the insurance industry. >> they expect the senate to remain in session this weekend as well. t.j. winick, abc news. more people from fairfax county court seeking public aid in the wake of the housing crisis. food stamp applications nearly doubled from september 2007 until september 2009.
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medicaid cases and applications spite 33%. -- spiked 33%. drivers who use 66 should pay attention. meters that control traffic would not be used in both directions during the morning and evening rush. the eastbound meters had only been used in the morning. the change will help ease the backup. you can see the redskins' once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. the redskins lost to the new orleans saints. shaun suisham missed a field goal to seal the win in regulation. jason campbell threw it is only interception of the game and, in overtime, the redskins delayed
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hiking the ball, which gave the saints possession in 833-30 loss. more than half the fans in our news polls pulsate the loss to the winless detroit lions was in fact the worst loss of the season for them. public tomorrow service will be held tomorrow at the verizon center for abe pollin. he built the center with his own money and is credited with revitalizing the chinatown neighborhood. it begins at 7:00 tomorrow night. the state dinner crashers highlight a troubling trend. the number of security breaches at tied to the secret service. the u.s. is about to declare the true dangers of greenhouse gases as much of the world convenes a climate change conference. our temperature is about to take another tip. our temperature is about to take another tip.
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thousands of students took to the street in tehran in the largest anti-government protest in months. security forces fired tear gas and beating protesters with batons. similar demonstrations took place at college campuses across the country. i climate conference is continuing today. the epa is about to declare greenhouse gases a danger to human health. we have a preview. >> ladies and gentlemen -- >> in copenhagen, diplomats from
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192 nations are debating two key issues -- how to reduce greenhouse gases and by when. >> the science has never been clearer. >> the un is seeking a global pledged to cut emissions 25% to 40% by 2020. >> we want a fair and binding treaty. >> a binding treaty does not look likely. instead, officials say a blueprint for a united approach to fighting climate change would be a success. there could be a consensus on how much rich countries have to pay to combat global warming in poor countries. places such as bangladesh, india. at least $10 billion a year are needed right away. the tone is one of action. they're moving past recent
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allegations were they discussed suppressing climate change data. >> please help us to turn copenhagen into hopenhagen. police sealed the deal. >> the epa is expected to reveal its own findings that greenhouse gases are a health hazard and must be regulated. president obama the present u.s. proposals to cut carbon emissions 83% of the year 2015. the family of american college student convicted of murdering her roommate in italy is speaking out about the verdict. amanda knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison. her mother says the family was devastated by this decision and maintains she is innocent. >> all over the world, not just italy, truly innocent people are
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found guilty. this is one of those cases. she is innocent. >> the family is vowing to appeal this verdict. it will be lengthy and expensive for a family that has already spent their savings on their daughters defense. the security breach at the white house state dinner was the latest in a series of incidents over the past three decades. it document says there have been 91 breaches' since 1980. that includes michaele and tareq salahi crashing the state dinner for the indian prime minister. most cannot all of these breaches involve the president. thousands local troops are getting a little holiday cheer before they deployed to afghanistan. 100 military families picked out christmas trees in gaithersburg yesterday and got free tree stands and decorations as well.
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it was paid for by donations from the uso of metropolitan washington. georgetown is >decked out for the holidays. there was merriment in georgetown. the welcome santa claus and included special sales and entertainment. i am sure the weekend snow must have added just the right touch. >> it makes things look real pretty. >> look at santa. >> that was pretty good. we do have some interesting weather of the way especially tomorrow afternoon and into the overnight hours of wednesday. no real big problems out there. a few scattered snow showers will not get up to much. mainly north of d.c. we scanned the horizon. there is the kennedy center. sunshine will make it feel a
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little bit better. temperatures are not going to warm up a whole bunch. daytime highs in the low to middle 40's. stop over to howard university. currently 40 degrees after a morning low of 31 degrees. we have 35 in germantown. 44. woodbridge, virginia. off to the maps we go. temperatures are slowly warming up. in hagerstown. 32 in elkins. if you were looking for the cold, cold air, head over to south kdakota. we have a current reading in rapid city. a storm develops out to the rest. we have warnings and winter storm warnings. no watch or warnings for us right now. we are expecting the storm system to pick up direction --
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to move in our direction and it will bring us a lot of rain for the afternoon and overnight hours for tomorrow. we will be on the dividing line for some mixed precipitation. the best possibility is a western maryland, allegany, along with the panhandle of west virginia. doug keep you updated tonight. the system moves on out of here. it will entually move away. 40 to 45 degrees. winds out of the south about 10 les an hour. mostly cloudy and cold overnight. will seek a low of 30's downtown. a wintry mix, many to the west of interstate 95. a quick look at the extended outlook. the skies are clearing nicely by the end of the work week.
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after months of delays, the anne arundel council will decide whether to print slot machines to the county.
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they wi decide whether to build a casino near the laurel park small or the racing track. four votes are needed to move the project for. new york senator charles schumer wants banks to stop the practice of double dipping. he said many nsumers are fed -- are hit by to fees at atm's. said atm fees are up 30% over the past year. it appears the bank bailout to not cost the government as much as originally thought. the cause was $200 billion less than the original estimate. the government will get most of that money back. it hard to breathe.
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kennedy center honors. bruce springsteen, robert de niro, dave brubeck were among the honorees. individuals who helped define american culture through the arts were recognized. a star-studded event. >> aretha franklin was there. even arch campbell. let's look outside at the extended outlook. we have a mix of sun and clouds. we will look for a wintry mix to approach from the west. we could see some ice accumulation. east of interstate 95, and looks like many a rain event. there could be some sleep early on. there will be a mixed bag on wednesday. we will clearut on thursday and friday. >> ok, we will see what happens.
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